2013 Race 6 @ BRCC

Last race of 2013 is run on the astroturf indoor Blackcountry Arena track in Charleroi. Well known host of the Euro Indoor Race, the club is used to organise flawless events in his great facility. This year’s track layout is both fast and technical, requiring a good rythm in order to be fast.

Jean-François Renard (TLR 22SCT) shows his good form by taking the first qualification round in 2WD ahead of Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) and Philippe Gustin (Associated SC10). Top 2 order is inverted for second round while Julian André (Associated SC10) takes the third spot. Jean-François takes the latest round, followed by Edouard-Benoît Michez (Associated SC10) and Julian André. With his 2 wins, Jean-François is TQ and takes the extra point that goes with it. Nicolas and Edouard-Benoît complete the Top 3 on the A main grid.

B main sees Nicolas Gandibleu (Associated SC10) confirming is BQ and winning legs 1 and 3. Ronald Dupont (Associated SC10) takes the second. Stéphane Lecomte (Associated SC10) ends up third with same number of points than Ronald. In A main, Nicolas Evens takes the first 2 legs in front of Jean-François Renard. Once again their pace is similar but Jean-François experiences some bad luck when lapping slower cars. Coming back from 7th on the grid, with a second and a third finishes, Tom Pierard (TLR 22SCT) gets the last step on the podium and ensures a TLR sweep. Edouard-Benoît ends up fourth and first of the rear motor cars. _mg_7907_dxo

2WD A Main
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT
3. Pierard Tom – TLR 22SCT
4. Michez Edouard-Benoît – Associated SC10
5. André Julian – Associated SC10
Full results

In 4WD, Raphaël Robert (Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0) wins first 2 qualifications and gets himself into pole position for the main. Matthieu Carpin (TeknoRC SCT410) follows in second in those legs and wins the last one as Raphaël can’t race it. Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) and Thierry Mathieu (TLR Ten-SCTE) battle for third spot on the grid and Nicolas takes it by being second in third leg. Unfortunately for Raphaël, he’s suffering from electronic issues in all the main legs and is not able to convert his TQ into a win. Thierry is driving fast and consistent and takes the first leg win, closely followed by Matthieu and Nicolas a bit further. Matthieu wins the second leg this time under Nicolas’s pressure and Thierry a bit further. Final leg is decisive for the overall win and the three drivers stay very close to each other, separated by less than 2 seconds and the end of the race. Matthieu experienced a lapping incident and Nicolas takes the win ahead of Thierry and Matthieu. The 3 drivers counting a leg win and a second place each, overall win is attributed on best time. As a consequence, Matthieu is declared winner, followed by Nicolas and Thierry. _mg_7901_dxo

4WD A Final
1. Carpin Matthieu – TeknoRC SCT410
2. Evens Nicolas – Losi Ten-SCTE
3. Mathieu Thierry – Losi Ten-SCTE
4. De Keersmaecker Philip – Durango DESC410
5. Gillard Emmanuel – Losi Ten-SCTE
Full results

Race’s prize ceremony saw the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers.
1 VRC Pro USB adaptor + SCT extension pack for Nicolas Gandibleu
1 VRC Pro USB adaptor + SCT extension pack for Fabian Jouret
1 VRC Pro USB adaptor + SCT extension pack for Tom Pierard
1 pair of Proline Tazer SC M3 Tires (1185-02) for Jeremy Catherine
1 Avid SC10 clamping 12mm hex front (AV1001-FR) for Gérard Saintenoy
1 set of Proline V3 SC Closed cell Foam inserts (6615-07) for Ronald Dupont
1 pair of Proline Tazer SC M3 Tires (1185-02) for Tristan Gillard
TecPower TP350 charger for Jean-François Glineur

As this race closes the 2013 season, global ranking is final and we have our 2013 champions.

2WD Top 6
502 – Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
491 – Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT
470 – Michez Edouard-Benoît- SC10
466 – Vandeginste Cédric – SC10
464 – André Julian – SC10
455 – De Keersmaecher Philip – Durango DESC210
Complete ranking


4WD Top 6
490 – Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0
484 – Evens Nicolas – TLR SCTE
473 – Mathieu Thierry – TLR SCTE
467 – De Keersmaecker Philip – Durango DESC410
391 – Carpin Matthieu – Tekno 410SCT
360 – Jouret Fabian – SC10
Complete ranking


Another draw is done for all the drivers who entered 4 of our 6 races in 2013. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Horizon, TLR, Proline, Avid, VRC Pro, TecRace, Hudy, LRP and MCM Racing, we’ve been offering over 60 gifts to the Cup’s racers, please do keep this in mind and show some love back to them!

1 TLR 22-SCT race kit for Raphael Robert
1 TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0 race kit for Nicolas Evens
1 Hudy pit mat (199910) forJeremy Catherine
1 Hudy ultimate body scissors (188990) for Jean-François Glineur
1 Hudy cleaning brush large – medium (107841) for Jean-François Renard
1 Proline Flo-Tek Chevy Silverado clear body (3365-00) for Philippe Hautecoeur
1 Avid Triad slipper clutch (AV1020-MOD) for Julian André
1 combo TecPower T8 charger and TecPower TP350 power supply for Thierry Mathieu
1 XRay T-shirt for Thomas Lété
1 Avid SC10 12mm spring cups (AV1017) for Ronald Dupont
1 XRay T-shirt for Matthieu Carpin
2 Avid SC10 shock standoff (AV1018-SHORT) for Olivier Jouret
1 Avid TLR22 vented motor plate (AV1015) for Edouard-Benoît Michez
1 Proline sticket sheet (9915-33) for Geoffrey Iijas
1 Hudy hardware box combo (298011 and 298010) for Cédric Vandeginste
1 Avid SC10 12mm spring collar adapters (AV1014) for Nicolas Gandibleu
1 XRay T-shirt for Philip De Keersmaecker
1 XRay sticker sheet (397312) for
1 combo TecPower T8 power supply and TecPower TP350 charger for Philip De Keersmaecker
1 Proline Desert Rat clear body (3284-00) for

This puts an end to 2013 season… The Cup is more and more popular with 63 drivers attending the races, including a bunch of newcomers or people coming back into the hobby. Hopefully we can do even better in 2014, with more races and at least as much fun! See you all next year!


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