2012 Race 3 @ RCEL

The track was technical and slipery, making it very challenging. Saturday was free practice all day with quite a few drivers showing up under a blue sky. After qualification was complete, Raphaël Robert was sitting TQ in 4wd class and Mike Renotte in 2wd. First 2 legs in 4WD were won by Raphaël Robert with some margin. Battle for second was much closer between Mike Renotte, Philippe Hoevelinck and Nicolas Evens. 2WD was more open with each driver on the podium winning a final. We’ve been lucky with the weather with only a light shower during first final. Let’s keep the SCT cool spirit alive!

2WD Final
1. Renotte Mike
2. Evens Nicolas
3. Brauns Vincent
4. Michez Edouard-Benoît
5. Dupont Ronald
Full results


4WD Final
1. Robert Raphaël
2. Evens Nicolas
3. Renotte Mike
4. Hoevelinck Philippe
5. Deville Philippe
Full results



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