2014 Race 8 @ BRCC

2014 season comes to an end with the final race held on the brand next indoor clay track of BRCC. This is the first and lonely track of this type in Belgium. Kudos to the club for setting it up in such a short time and nice fashion, result is great! It seems that a lot of drivers are of the same opinion as this race is a new attendance record for the SCT Cup.

Pro2 qualification are very open with a bunch of new local drivers joining. Loïc Voumard (TLR 22SCT) running in a lower heat gets the best time in the first 2 rounds and secures TQ. Martin Vierin (Associated SC10) takes the last round to start second on the grid. Behind those 2 we find 3 drivers on same number of points, Julian André (Associated SC10), Nicolas Gandibleu (Associated SC10) and Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT).

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Loïc Voumard – TLR 22SCT
2. Martin Vierin – Associated SC10
3. André Julian – Associated SC10
Pro2 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Thomas Lété – Associated SC10
2. Patrick Tytgat – Associated SC10
3. Frank Palomba – Kyosho Ultima SC6
Pro2 C Main grid – Top 3
1. Geoffrey Ilijas – TLR 22SCT
2. Ronald Dupont – Associated SC10
3. Patrick Meunier – Associated SC10

In Pro4, Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) takes the 3 rounds ahead of Thierry Matthieu (Tekno 410SCT), followed by Christophe Leurquin (Tekno 410SCT) and Philip De Keersmaecker (Tekno 410SCT).

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1 Nicolas Evens – Losi Ten-SCTE
2. Mathieu Thierry – TeknoRC SCT410
3. Christophe Leurquin – TeknoRC SCT410

First round of Pro2 A final sees Martin Vierin take the lead and drive smooth til the finish line, being the only driver to reach 14 laps. Behind him, Julian André has a good fight with Pascal Bouffioux (Associated SC10) and they end-up in that order, less than a second apart. After bad luck in qualification, Pascal confirms his great pace by taking the second final round ahead of Martin and Nicolas Hammerton (Associated SC10). Before round 3, Martin, Pascal and Julian all have a chance to win. Once again Martin pulls clear from the pack, takes the round win and the overall one. Nicolas Gandibleu (Associated SC10) drives a great last final to end up second ahead of Pascal.

Pro2 A Main
1. Vierin Martin – Associated SC10
2. Bouffioux Pascal – Associated SC10
3. André Julian – Associated SC10
4. Gandibleu Nicolas – Associated SC10
5. Hammerton Nicolas – Associated SC10
Pro2 B Main
1. Du Bois Martin – TLR 22SCT
2. Vandeginste Cédric – Associated SC10
3. Glineur Jean-François – Associated SC10
Pro2 C Main
1. Dupont Ronald – Associated SC10
2. Cumps Fabio – TLR 22SCT
3. Ilijas Geoffrey – TLR 22SCT
All results


In Pro4, Nicolas Evens wins the 2 last rounds and takes the overall win. Thierry Mathieu wins the first round and ends up second overall. There is still a battle for final spot on global ranking podium between Christophe Leurquin and Philip De Keersmaecker as they are separated by one point only. Christophe succeeds to finish second in second round which secures him a third position in this race and the ranking.

Pro4 A Final
1. Evens Nicolas – Losi Ten-SCTE
2. Mathieu Thierry – TeknoRC SCT410
3. Leurquin Christophe – TeknoRC SCT410
4. De Keersmaecker Philip – TeknoRC SCT410
5. Pousset Guy – Associated SC10

All results


Even if the titles were already decided, global ranking changes with some people not attending this race, and some great results as well.

1. Evens Nicolas – 696
2. André Julian – 692
3. Gustin Philippe – 661
4. Michez Edouard-Benoît – 658

5. Gandibleu Nicolas – 654
1. Mathieu Thierry – 701
2. Evens Nicolas – 698
3. Leurquin Christophe – 682
4. De Keersmaecker Philip – 680
5. Vandeuren Alain – 668

All results

Race’s prize ceremony saw the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers. We also distributed the global ranking gifts including car kits, radio, body shells,… Thanks again to all the racers and sponsors for a great 2014 season. See you in 2015!


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