2012 Race 4 @ MBV Kampenhout

Home of the famous Belgian GP, MBV Kampenhout hosted the 4th leg of the Belgian SCT Cup recently. The track is very challenging with a lot of elevation and off camber turns. The 2WD class qualifications saw Nicolas Evens taking TQ with his freshly built 22SCT by winning all 3 qualifiers. Vincent Brauns won the first final leg with his TeamC truck, Nicolas ending second under strong pressure from Mike Renotte. In the second leg, Nicolas came ahead of Mike. Vincent had a bad start and ended 3rd. During the last final, Vincent and Mike had a great fight, Mike closing on Vincent lap by lap, ending 0,3 second behind. Nicolas took the leg win and the overall.

2WD Final
1. Evens Nicolas – Losi 22SCT
2. Brauns Vincent – TeamC TS2
3. Renotte Mike – Associated SC10
4. De Pooter Yves – Kyosho Ultima SC-R
5. Dufert Eric – Associated SC10
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Hong Nor Team Driver Raphaël Robert took TQ in the 4WD Modified class in front of local track hero Willem Keyaerts with his Durango. Walter Grauwels, on a dialed truck, completed the top 3 for qualifications. Despite being last at the end of the first lap of the first race, Willem succeeded to win the first final leg, overtaking Raphaël on the last lap. Nicolas Evens ended up third. Second leg was won easily by Willem, going 1 second faster a lap than the second fastest. Always driving fast and consistently, Wouter took the third place. While Willem already won the race, final leg started with all the front guys crashing together which made the race quite interesting. Raphael went away to take the win, followed by Wouter and Willem. Those 3 guys made up the final podium.

4WD Final
1. Keyaerts Willem – Durango DESC410R
2. Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10
3. Grauwels Walter – Associated SC10
4. Evens Nicolas – Losi Ten-SCTE
5. Renotte Mike – Hong Nor SCRT10
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2WD – Group 1 – Quali 1
2WD – Group 1 – Quali 2
2WD – Group 1 – Quali 3
2WD – Final A – Heat 1
2WD – Final A – Heat 2
2WD – Final A – Heat 3
End results

4WD – Group 1 – Quali 1
4WD – Group 2 – Quali 1
4WD – Group 1 – Quali 2
4WD – Group 2 – Quali 2
4WD – Group 1 – Quali 3
4WD – Group 2 – Quali 3
4WD – Final B – Heat 1
4WD – Final B – Heat 2
4WD – Final B – Heat 3
4WD – Final A – Heat 1
4WD – Final A – Heat 2
4WD – Final A – Heat 3
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