2015 Race 7 @ BRCC

Last race of the year takes place at the BRCC one and only Belgian indoor clay track. Once again the club provides a flawless organisation with a great track, large pits and catering. The attendance keeps being high, keeping the good yearly trend. Let’s hope it continues next year!

In Pro2 qualification, Martin Vierin (Associated SC10) wins the first round and Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) takes rounds 2 and 3. Philippe Hautecoeur (Associated SC10) completes the top 3, ahead of Laurent Halluin (Associated SC5M) and Patrick Tytgat (Associated SC10) who gets a second place in first round, his best ever.

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Vierin Martin – Associated SC10
3. Hautecoeur Philippe – Associated SC10

Pro2 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Glineur Jean-François – Associated SC5M
2. Michez Edouard-Benoît – Associated SC10
3. Lecomte Stéphane – Associated SC10

In Pro4, Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) sweeps all qualification rounds to take TQ. Frank Devos (Tekno 410SCT) and Frédéric Fontaine (TeamC TC04SC) battle for the following places on the grid and finish in that order.

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – Losi Ten-SCTE
2. Devos Frank – Tekno 410SCT
3. Fontaine Frédéric – TeamC TC04SC

In first round of Pro2 A final, Nicolas Evens gets it wrong in first lap and Martin Vierin flies away. Nicolas recovers and reaches Martin at the end of the race, and with one mistake from Martin, takes the lead and wins. Behind Martin, a pack of 4 drivers finishes in a 3 second interval, very close! Philippe Hautecoeur is the first of the pack, followed by Laurent Halluin, Régis Lelarge (Associated SC5M) and Tom Piérard (TLR 22SCT). In second round, Nicolas does again mistakes in early laps and Martin puts a gap on everyone. Nicolas comes back second and is under pressure from Tom until the end. In the last round Martin is again putting a large gap on everyone. Nicolas cruises in second with another large gap on Philippe and Laurent having a good fight. Jean-François Glineur takes the win in B final, ahead of

Pro2 A Main
1. Vierin Martin – Associated SC10
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
3. Hautecoeur Philippe – Associated SC10

Pro2 B Main
1. Glineur Jean-François – Associated SC5M
2. Simon Geoffrey- Associated SC10
3. Laffut Guillaume – Associated SC10


In Pro4 first round, Nicolas Evens starts well, followed by Frédéric Fontaine. Both have a good fight until close to the end when some traffic incidents allows Frank Devos to sneak through and take the win from Frédéric for less than a second. In second round, Frank wins again with Frédéric and Nicolas following. In last round Nicolas takes the win with a clean run, ahead of Frank and Sam Puttevils (TLR Ten-SCTE). Frank gets his first ever win at the Belgian SCT Cup, congrats!

Pro4 A Final
1. Devos Frank – Tekno 410SCT
2. Evens Nicolas- Losi Ten-SCTE
3. Fontaine Frédéric – TeamCTC04SC


The championship is now over and the 2015 rankings are final. Here are the top 5’s, complete rankings are available here.

1. #74 Evens Nicolas – 604
2. #97 Halluin Laurent – 593
3. #99 Andr‚é Julian – 577
4. #17 Gustin Philippe – 565
5. #02 Halluin Emilie – 554


1. #74 Evens Nicolas – 602
2. #93 Puttevils Sam – 594
3. #46 De Keersmaecker Philip – 580
4. #67 Sermon Serge – 556
5. #40 Baudoux Michel – 457


Race’s prize ceremony saw the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers. We also had the global ranking draw with great prizes. Thanks again to all the sponsors !!



Thanks to all racers, see you in 2016!




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