2016 Race 4 @ Enghien

Fair to say the race in Enghien is the highlight of the Belgian SCT Cup season as well as a great promotion to the hobby. Racing in the middle of an RC show with planes, helicopters, boats, drones and all the rest is really a great thing. The BRTC crew puts lot of efforts in building a temporary track in front of the parc’s castle, and it pays off with the highest ever entry count for our serie.


On the racing front, the grass track suffers a bit more than previous years, making setup and tyre choice a bit more complex as the grip first increases when humidity goes away then decreases when grass goes away.

In Pro2 qualification, Laurent Halluin (TeamC TM2SC) starts the day by winning first round well ahead of Géry Ledocq (Kyosho SC6) and Philippe Hautecoeur (Associated SC5M). In second round, Géry is the fastest ahead of Laurent and Samuel Castel (TLR 22SCT). In last round, Géry secures overall TQ with another fastest time, again ahead of Samuel and Laurent. Those 3 clearly have a higher pace than the rest of the pack and are also very close. Guilaume Laffut (TeamC TM2SC) misses the A final and takes BQ honor ahead of Philip De Keersmaecker (TLR 22SCT).

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Halluin Laurent – TeamC TM2SC
3. Castel Samuel – TLR 22SCT

Pro2 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Laffut Guillaume – TeamC TM2SC
2. De Keersmaecker Philip – TLR 22SCT
3. Pierard Tom – TLR 22SCT

Pro2 C Main grid – Top 3
1. Lété Thomas – Associated SC5M
2. Lecomte Stéphane – Associated SC5M
3. Biefnot Jean-Christophe – Associated SC10

In Pro4, Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) sweeps all qualification rounds ahead of Matthieu Carpin (Tekno 410SCT). Sam Puttevils (TLR Ten-SCTE) follows in third excepted in round 2 where Sam Damman is third.

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Carpin Matthieu – Tekno 410SCT
3. Puttevils Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE

Pro4 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Puttevils Ronny – Tekno 410SCT
2. Pousset Guy – Associated SC10
3. Baudoux Michel – Tekno 410SCT

Starting from P3, Samuel wins the first round of Pro2 A final ahead of Géry and Laurent. As noticed in the qualification, their pace is very close and faster than the rest. Second round is a demonstration of that with the 3 pilots fighting the whole race, with only 2 seconds separating first from third at the end of the 6 minutes! Géry takes it ahead of Laurent and Samuel. Before the last round, they all have a shot at the overall win. At the start of the race, Laurent and Géry take some margin and fight together. With 4 laps to go, Géry has some slower laps which allow Samuel to pass and take second place. So in the end, the top 3 drivers all have a win and a second place finish, and the faster tme decide on the podium positions. Samuel takes the overall win with Laurent and Géry following. Philip De Keersmaecker wins the first 2 rounds of B final to take the win ahead of Tom Pierard and Guillaume Laffut.

Pro2 A Main – Top 3
1. Castel Samuel – TLR 22SCT
2. Halluin Laurent – TeamC TM2SC
3. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6

Pro2 B Main – Top 3
1. De Keersmaecker Philip – TLR 22SCT
2. Pierard Tom – TLR 22SCT
3. Laffut Guillaume – TeamC TM2SC

Pro2 C Main – Top 3
1. Lecomte Stéphane – Associated SC5M
2. Lété Thomas – Associated SC5M
3. Laffut Didier – Associated SC10


Start of first A main Pro4 final sees Nicolas Evens and Matthieu Carpin create a gap and fight together until Nicolas retires mid-race. Matthieu cruises to victory with Sam Puttevils and Sam Damman fighting for second place, and ending in that order separated by less than a second. In second round, Matthieu takes the lead on lap 2 and creates a gaps as Sam Puttevils and Nicolas fight for second, Sam getting the best out of it. Matthieu can’t start last round because of technical issue but he has won already. Nicolas takes the round after a very intense battle with Sam Puttevils. Philip De Keersmaecker completes the top 3. Last round victory allows Nicolas to finish second overall ahead of Sam Puttevils.

Pro4 A Main – Top 3
1. Carpin Matthieu – Tekno 410SCT
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Puttevils Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE

Pro4 B Main – Top 3
1. Puttevils Ronny – Tekno 410SCT
2. Cumps Emilio – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Pousset Guy – Associated SC10


Race’s prize ceremony is the time of the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers.



Thanks to all racers, see you in September in Kampenhout!

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