2016 Race 5 @ Kampenhout

The fifth race of the year is hosted by the MBV Kampenhout club on its superb astroturf track. Layout is slightly modified compared to last year, making it even better. Once again the rain falls down on race day but the track is very well drained and dries up quickly. It is enough though to mix the qualification results a bit, with some heats of same round running under the rain or on a drying track.

This is particularly the case for the first round of Pro2 qualification with last heat only running under the rain. Frederic De Conchy (TLR 22SCT), Martin Vierin (Associated SC10M) and Stéphane Lecomte (Associated SC5M) make the best times in that order. Second round sees Géry Ledocq (Kyosho SC6) takes TQ with a big margin over Laurent Halluin (TeamC TM2SC) and Tom Pierard (TLR 22SCT). In last round, Géry confirms his overall TQ with another TQ run, ahead of Laurent Halluin and Martin Vierin.

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Halluin Laurent – TeamC TM2SC
3. De Conchy Frédéric – TLR 22SCT

Pro2 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Vercarre Tom – TLR 22SCT
2. Michez Edouard-Benoît – Associated SC5M
3. Peleriaux David – Associated SC5M

In Pro4, Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) takes first two qualification rounds ahead of Sam Puttevils (TLR Ten-SCTE) and Philip De Keersmaecker (Tekno 410SCT) to secure overall TQ. With a second place in last round behind Sam Puttevils, Sam Damman (TLR Ten-SCTE) gets the third spot on the grid.

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Puttevils Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Damman Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE

Pro4 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Pousset Guy – Associated SC10
2. Allary Jurgen – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Baudoux Michel – Tekno 410SCT

In first A final, Géry stays in the lead at the start while Laurent suffers form first lap contact. Martin pressures Géry for most of the race, both completing the race one second apart. Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) follows in third. In second round, start is cleaner and Géry controls the race and crosses the finish line in first, taking the overall win. Laurent Halluin follows 4 seconds behind, Martin Vierin 8 seconds further. In last round, Géry takes another win with a flawless drive, while Laurent Halluin and Nicolas Evens have a good fight, without overtaking but with constant pressure, ending the race 6 tenths apart.

Pro2 A Main – Top 3
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Halluin Laurent – TeamC TM2SC
3. Vierin Martin – Associated SC10M

Pro2 B Main – Top 3
1. Michez Edouard-Benoît – Associated SC5M
2. Laffut Guillaume – TeamC TM2SC
3. Vercarre Tom – TLR 22SCT


Pro4 A mains have been a battle between Nicolas Evens and Sam Puttevils, with Sam taking the advantage in the first 2 rounds to take the overall win, and Nicolas taking his revenge in last one. Sam Damman is a consistant third in all rounds and secures last podium spot.

Pro4 A Main – Top 3
1. Puttevils Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Damman Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE

Pro4 B Main – Top 3
1. Allary Jurgen – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Pousset Guy – Associated SC10
3. Baudoux Michel – Tekno 410SCT


Race’s prize ceremony is the time of the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers.


Thanks to all racers, see you in October in Seraing!

Full results

    Gesamt-Ergebnis_4WD Gesamt-Ergebnis_2WD Gesamt-Ergebnis 


Pro2 A Final Rd1
Pro2 A Final Rd2
Pro2 A Final Rd3
Pro2 B Final Rd1
Pro2 B Final Rd2
Pro2 B Final Rd3
Pro2 C Final Rd1
Pro2 C Final Rd2
Pro2 C Final Rd3
Pro4 A Final Rd1
Pro4 A Final Rd2
Pro4 A Final Rd3
Pro4 B Final Rd1
Pro4 B Final Rd2
Pro4 B Final Rd3


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