2016 Race 6 @ BCS

The penultimate race of this season is hosted by Buggy Club Seraing. The club has setup up a great temporary track after losing the rental agreement on their previous location. The track layout is really great and the facilities around it (rostrum, catering,…) as well. Kuddos to the team for having put so much effort in finding a solution to organize the race in a difficult time! Unfortunately, as in far too many occasions this year, the weather is not with us and we start the day under the rain. It ends before the start of qualifications but comes back at the end of finals, making the race quite challenging for drivers, having to adapt driving and car to always changing conditions.


First round of Pro2 qualifications sees Géry Ledocq (Kyosho SC6) and Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) have a close run, separated by one tenth of a second at the end of the 6 minutes race. Stéphane Vanyper (Associated SC5M) follows 10 seconds further. In second round Géry finds lots of pace and takes a clear win ahead of Nicolas and fast newcomer Didier Delférière (Kyosho SC6). In last round, scenario for top 2 is the same and youngster Guillaume Laffut (TeamC TM2SC) takes a brilliant third place, his best ever so far!

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
3. Laffut Guillaume – TeamC TM2SC

Pro2 B Main grid – Top 3
1. Gustin Philippe – TLR 22SCT
2. Halluin Emilie – TeamC TM2SC
3. Tytgat Patrick – TLR 22SCT

In Pro4, Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) swipes all qualification rounds. Sam Damman (TLR Ten-SCTE) is second in first round, followed by Sam Puttevils (TLR Ten-SCTE). They invert position in next 2 rounds.

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Puttevils Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Damman Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE

In first A final, Géry stays in the lead at the start and avoids first lap incidents. Laurent Halluin comes from his 6th position on the grid to second for most of the race. Sadly he looses position in the last lap with some traffic issue. Coming back from the end of the pack, Nicolas benefits of it and takes second place. Second final starts on a very wet and slippy track. Géry and Nicolas battle during the whole race, ending up separated by half a second at the end of the 6 minutes race. With that round win, Géry takes the overall win and decides to step out of the last final. Nicolas takes a tone to tone win, with Laurent and Didier battling fiercly for second spot, Laurent getting the upper hand. It’s a very nice first race for Didier!

Pro2 A Main – Top 3
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
3. Halluin Laurent – TeamC TM2SC

Pro2 B Main – Top 3
1. Tytgat Patrick – TLR 22SCT
2. Gustin Philippe – TLR 22SCT
3. Halluin Emilie – TeamC TM2SC


In Pro4 A finals, Nicolas Evens confirms higher pace and takes first 2 rounds and overall win. In first final Sam Puttevils battles close with Kristof Desmet (TLR Ten-SCTE) to end up second. Kristof takes his revenge in second final and takes second ahead of Sam Damman. Sam Puttevils wins the last round and secures second overall. Kristof makes his first podium appearance with his brand new chassis, good job!

Pro4 A Main – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Puttevils Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Desmet Kristof – TLR Ten-SCTE


With one race to go, Pro2 championship is completely open as Nicolas and Géry are tied on points! In Pro4 the title is decided as Nicolas can’t be beaten on points anymore.

Pro2 Rankings – Top 5
1. Evens Nicolas 498
2. Ledocq Géry 498
3. Halluin Laurent 489
4. Pierard Tom 479
5. Laffut Guillaume 461

Pro4 Rankings – Top 5
1. Evens Nicolas 503
2. Puttevils Sam 496
3. Damman Sam 487
4. De Keersmaecker Philip 484
5. Desmet Kristof 475

Race’s prize ceremony is the time of the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers.

Thanks to all racers, see you in November in Charleroi!

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