2017 Race 3 @ Bugg’Ittre

After the missed race in Merchtem in June, everyone was looking forward to this very first race organized by the Bugg’Ittre club on July 2nd, even more as it is the only dirt track of the calendar. The club worked hard in preparing a nice event with a perfectly maintained track, a BBQ tent and even a bouncing castle for the kids. Unfortunately the party’s been a bit ruined by the rain which poured all Saturday and would come back hard at the end of qualifications on Sunday. Race director and driver representatives then agreed to call it a day as the track was becoming dangerous for marshalls.

First two rounds of qualification were run on a humid but not wet track. In Pro2, Géry Ledocq (Kyosho SC6) won the first round ahead of Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) and Edouard-Benoît Michez (Associated SC5M). In second round, Géry breaks his rear shock tower, allowing Nicolas to take the win ahead of Stéphane Lecomte (Associated SC5M) and Edouard-Benoît. In the last round, rain came back and caused Géry an electronic issue. Nicolas takes the win ahead of Stéphane and Tom Vercarre (TLR 22SCT). Qualification and race results:

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Lecomte Stéphane – Associated SC5M
3. Michez Edouard-Benoît – Associated SC5M


In Pro4, Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) sweeps first 2 qualification rounds to take TQ. Sam Damman (TLR Ten-SCTE) finishes those rounds in second to claim second overall. Sam was quick with only 6 tenths of a second difference to Nicolas in round 2. Sam Puttevils (TLR Ten-SCTE) is third in first two rounds but Fabio Cumps (Tekno 410SCT) with a win in last round grabs the overall third place and last spot on the final podium.

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Evens Nicolas – Losi Ten-SCTE
2. Damman Sam – Losi Ten-SCTE
3. Cumps Fabio – Tekno 410SCT


Race’s prize ceremony saw the usual draw where the sponsors gifts are offered to the racers. Thanks again to all the sponsors !!

Thanks to all racers, see you in Enghien!




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