2013 Race 1 @ BRTC

The first race of the Belgian SCT Cup took place on the BRTC track this Sunday, May 5th. The layout of the track had been changed for this year and is now faster than before while still being challenging and offering very low grip. The number of entries is progressing compared to last year, with the participation of some fast buggy 1/10 racers and most importantly, young newcomers! We also had the pleasure to welcome a French driver coming all the way from Paris, Philippe Hautecoeur.

The day started under the sun with pastries and coffee available on site. In 2WD qualification, tyre choice proved to be pretty complex with drivers changing them during each run in search of the best compromise. Martin Vierin put in the fastest run of Q1 with his SC10 in front of Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT), Jean-François Renard (TLR 22SCT), Philippe Hautecoeur (SC10) and Julian André (SC10).

The second run saw Nicolas take the advantage ahead of Jean-François, Philippe and Martin. Last run was decisive for the pole position attribution with Martin and Nicolas with a win each. Nicolas took that leg in front of Martin, Cédric Van De Ginste (SC10) and Jean-François.

2WD A-Main grid
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Vierin Martin – SC10
3. Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT
4. Hautecoeur Philippe – SC10
5. André Julian – SC10

In 4WD the early pace was set by Raphael Robert (Hong Nor) in front of Nicolas Evens (TLR SCTE), Matthieu Carpin (SC10) and Philip De Keersmaecker (Durango). The second leg was much more tied with the top 4 in 9 seconds, Mike Renotte (Hong Nor) winning ahead of Matthieu, Raphael and Nicolas. Final leg saw Nicolas make the best time with Mike, Thierry Mathieu (TLR SCTE) and Matthieu. Mike and Nicolas having same number of points resulting in a tie, however the best time gave the pole position to Nicolas.

4WD A-Main grid
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR SCTE
2. Renotte Mike – Hong Nor
3. Robert Raphaël – Hong Nor
4. Carpin Matthieu – SC10
5. Mathieu Thierry – TLR SCTE

The 2WD B final saw a tight fight for the win between Nicolas Graffeo (SC10) and Filip De Keersmaecker (SC10) and Nicolas who had the final word with 2 leg wins. In the A main, Martin and Jeean-François had a close battle in leg 1, finishing in that order in front of Nicolas, Philippe and Cédric. Second and third legs were won by Nicolas which gave him the overall win.

2WD Final
1. Evens Nicolas
2. Vierin Martin
3. Renard Jean-Francois
4. Hautecoeur Philippe
5. Vandeginste Cedric
Full results


The first leg of the 4WD final was won by Raphael with a margin of 4 seconds over Nicolas, followed by Mike, Thierry and Matthieu. In the second leg, Nicolas won in front of Mike, Raphael, Mathieu and Philip. Before the first final, Nicolas and Raphael both had a shot at winning. As Raphael won the last final in front of Mike and Nicolas, he won the race.

4WD Final
1. Robert Raphael
2. Evens Nicolas
3. Renotte Mike
4. Carpin Matthieu
5. Mathieu Thierry
Full results


The prize ceremony as well as the rest of the day was held in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. On top of the usual trophies, Raphael, Martin and Nicolas Graffeo went back home with VRC one year off-road subscriptions and adaptors! They’ll now be able to train all year long on top of attending the Belgian SCT Cup.


Thanks to our sponsors, Horizon, TLR, Proline, Avid, VRC Pro, TecRace, Hudy, LRP and MCM Racing for supporting us.


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