2017 Race 6 @ ORRT

For the first time, the Off-road Racing RC Torhout (ORRT) hosts a race of the Belgian SCT Cup. This astro track is a long one (250 meters!) and offers both technical and flat-out sections, with some tricky jumps that requires a very precise driving.

It has rained all day and night before the race, so the track will be wet all morning long and starts to dry only in the afternoon, making the timing of the set-up and tyres changes the key to stay in the good pace.




In Pro2 Qualifying, Géry Ledocq (Kyosho SC6) takes the TQ by winning all three heats and Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) gets the second spot of the grid despite some mechanical issues in the last run. Tom Vercarre (TLR 22SCT) and Guillaume Laffut (TeamC TM2SC) fight closely for the third starting position all morning long, eventually for the benefit of Tom, who is at home here.

Pro2 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
3. Tom Vercarre– TLR 22SCT

In Pro4 Qualifying, Sam Damman (TLR Ten-SCTE) makes also a good use of his knowledge of his club’s track by topping two heats and taking TQ, while Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE) settles for the second spot. The second run was a very close decider, as Nicolas’ time was only 0.37 seconds from Sam! The third place is grabbed by Sam Puttevils (Tekno 410SCT), who finishes third of the two last runs, after having to retire in the first one.

Pro4 A Main grid – Top 3
1. Damman Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Puttevils Sam – Tekno 410SCT

In Pro2 A-Finals, Géry wins all three rounds, but it was not as easy as it seems, since Nicolas was only one second behind in the second run, while Tom finished second of the third run, only 2 seconds behind Géry. Tom and Guillaume continued the battle of the morning, this time for the third overall place in A-finals, both having to retire once after mechanical issues,  respectively in the first and second run. At the end of the day, Tom secured the third position thanks to its consistent and fast driving in the last run, allowing him to finish this one right behind Géry.

Pro2 A Main
1. Ledocq Géry – Kyosho SC6
2. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
3. Tom Vercarre– TLR 22SCT

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In Pro4 A-Finals, Nicolas Evens wins the two first runs, but the guy right behind him, Sam Damman, didn’t make things easy for him especially in the second run, by crossing the finish line only 2.7 seconds from Nicolas. Having secured the win for the day, Nicolas doesn’t run the last heat, which is topped by Sam, in front of Fabio Cumps who delivered a very good driving, which allows him to take the third position overall. Sam Puttevils and Serge Sermon have shown a very good pace however, by finishing third of the first and second run respectively, but they also have experienced mechanical issues and they had to retire in one heat each.

Pro4 A Main
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR Ten-SCTE
2. Damman Sam – TLR Ten-SCTE
3. Cumps Fabio – TLR Ten-SCTE


In Pro2, at the totally revamped track of the Black Country Arena, the last round of the season will be the decider for the title between Géry Ledocq and Nicolas Evens, while Tom Vercarre and Stéphane Lecomte will fight for the third place of the final classification, both duos being separated by only one point after this penultimate round. In Pro4, Nicolas Evens is already sure to be champion, but the fight for second place is still ongoing between the two Sams (Damman and Puttevils) with a one-point gap only. See you there!!!

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