2013 Race 4 @ Enghien (by BRTC)

BRTC club organized race 4 of the year in the middle of a RC fair in Enghien. The club built as temporary track in front of Enghien castle with the support of MCM Racing, MC-Events and the city of Enghien. All the club pulled out a great job and the race directed by Jean-Paul Voumard and Edouard-Benoît Michez attracted a lot of visitors who enjoyed the show.

Racer attendance is the highest this season with 20 drivers in 2WD and 16 in 4WD. 2WD category features several youngster starting to compete through this class, which is great!


In 2WD qualification, Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) TQ’ed all rounds. Philippe Hautecoeur, Martin Vierin and Cédric Vandeginste, all running SC10, ended up the qualification with same amount of points but in that order, with Philippe running the fastest time of them. Jean-François Renard (TLR 22SCT) closes the top 5, trying to find the speed on this track after his win in Merchtem.

2WD A-Main grid
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Hautecoeur Philippe – SC10
3. Vierin Martin – SC10
4. Vandeginste Cédric – SC10
5. Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT

In 4WD, 3 different drivers took a TQ run. David Pauwels (Tekno 410SCT) confirmed on his second SCT race that he’s got the speed and takes the overall TQ with a TQ and a second place. Raphaël Robert (Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0) follows with a TQ and a third place. Thierry Mathieu comes third.

4WD A-Main grid
1. David Pauwels – Tekno SCT410
2. Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0
3. Mathieu Thierry – TLR SCTE
4. Evens Nicolas – TLR SCTE
5. De Keersmaecker Philip – Durango DESC410

Ronald Dupont (SC10) won the first 2 legs of the 2WD B final while Nicolas Graffeo (SC10) won the last. On this final’s podium they are spearated by Julian André (SC10) who finished all legs in second place. In A final, Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) won all legs, showing faster pace than rest of the field. Philippe Hautecoeur (SC10) consistently ended second while last podium spot is earned by BRTC’s all star track responsible, Cédric Vandeginste (SC10).

2WD A-Main results
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Hautecoeur Philippe – SC10
3. Vandeginste Cédric – SC10
4. Vierin Martin – SC10
5. Gustin Philippe – SC10
Full results

In 4WD B final, Christophe Leurquin (TLR SCTE) won the first 2 legs and last one went to Tom Pierard (Hong Nor). Senne Pauwels completed the podium on his Traxxas Slash. The A final TQ guy, David Pauwels, unfortunately encountered problems in first 2 legs. Raphaël Robert (Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0) took the first 2 legs ahead of Matthieu Carpin (Tekno 410SCT). Those 2 guys being on the first two steps of the podium, Thierry Mathieu (TLR SCTE) and Jasper Schoonackers (Tekno 410SCT) fought for the last one, Jasper ended up in front of Thierry thanks to a second place finish in last leg. Not bad for a first appearance in the class!

4WD A-Main results
1. Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0
2. Carpin Matthieu – Tekno 410SCT
3. Schoonackers Jasper – Tekno 410SCT
4. Mathieu Thierry – TLR SCTE
5. Evens Nicolas – TLR SCTE
Full results

Championship standings after 4 races (worst result removed).

2WD Top 6
301 – Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
294 – Vierin Martin – SC10
294 – Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT
288 – Hautecoeur Philippe – SC10
282 – Vandeginste Cédric – SC10
280 – Michez Edouard-Benoît- SC10
4WD Top 6
301 – Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0
291 – Evens Nicolas – TLR SCTE
291 – Carpin Matthieu – Tekno 410SCT
284 – Mathieu Thierry – TLR SCTE
280 – De Keersmaecker Philip – Durango DESC410
267 – Jouret Fabian – SC10
Full results

During this special event, special gifts were added to the usual draw. Matthieu Carpin went back home with a TLR 22SCT and Philip De Keersmaecker with a TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0! Thanks to Horizon Hobby for spoiling them.


VRC adaptors and 3 months “All inclusive” subscriptions have been offered to Jasper Schoonackers and Cédric Vandeginste as best ranked drivers in 4WD and 2WD while Ronald Dupont won his with his B final win in 2WD. A lot of fun ahead with online community, online multiplayer racing, international series and so on!


Thanks to our sponsors, Horizon, TLR, Proline, Avid, VRC Pro, TecRace, Hudy, LRP and MCM Racing for supporting us and providing the gifts that some us of took home today after the draw.

1 pair of Proline Blockade SC M4 Tires (1183-03) for Danilo Verrochio
1 XRAY pit towel blue (397291-B) for Ronald Dupont
1 set of Proline V3 SC Closed cell Foam inserts (6615-07) for Tom Pierard
1 pair of Proline Blockade SC M4 Tires (1183-03) for Nicolas Gandibleu
1 Avid Triad slipper clutch (AV1020-MOD) for Jean-François Renard


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