2013 Race 5 @ MBV Kampenhout


The Cup is back on the Belgian GP track, always great and challenging with a lot of elevation changes, off camber turns and different track surfaces. As always, the Heremans’s ensured a very smooth organisation and the day went flawless.

Track was still yet for the first heat of qualification but dried out quickly as the summer arrived. Nicolas Evens (TLR 22SCT) TQ’ed first 2 runs while Jean-François Renard (TLR 22SCT) took the last one. Behind those 2 racers quite close in pace, a bunch of furious battled for the third grid spot, with Edouard-Benoît Michez ending up in front of Philippe Hautecoeur and Cédric Vandeginste, all running Associated SC10’s.

After difficulties to find good pace in the qualification, Ronald Dupont (Associated SC10) easily wins the B main in front of Geoffrey Iiljas (Losi XXX-SCT). In A main, Nicolas Evens takes the first 2 legs in front of Jean-François Renard. Both have a similar pace and only error-free runs allowed Nicolas to stay in front. Third place goes to Philippe Hautecoeur(Associated SC10) after a good fight with Edouard-Benoît Michez(Associated SC10). Julian André complete the top 5 and shows very good progress since the start of the season.

2WD A Main
1. Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
2. Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT
3. Hautecoeur Philippe – Associated SC10
4. Michez Edouard-Benoît – Associated SC10
5. André Julian – Associated SC10
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In 4WD Hong Nor Team Driver Raphaël Robert (Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0) was able to TQ again like last year, in front of Walter Grauwels (Associated SC10) and Willem-Jan Keyaerts (Durango DESC410). Those 3 drivers were on the podium in 2012 and keep showing their speed. In A main, Willem-Jan wins the first heat with some margin on Raphaël while Rudi De Brouwer (Durango DESC410) comes back for his sixth starting position to complete the podium. Second heat is a bit more dramatic with Raphael retiring with a broken car while Willem-Jan has radio battery issue when easily in front. This leaves Rudi De Brouwer in the lead, followed by Nicolas Evens (TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0) and Walter Grauwels. Final heat is back to normal with the fastest guy in front, Willem-Jan, followed by Raphaël. Third place goes to Nicolas with Walter in fourth and Rudi in fifth, all 3 separated by less than 1.5 second! In the end, the win goes to Willem-Jan with Rudi and Raphaël completing the podium. For his second race in the Cup, Emmanuel Gilard wins the B main.

4WD Final
1. Keyaerts Willem-Jan – Durango DESC410R
2. De Brouwer Rudi – Durango
3. Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10
4. Evens Nicolas – Losi Ten-SCTE
5. Grauwels Walter – Associated SC10
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Championship standings after 5 races (worst result removed).

2WD Top 6
402 – Evens Nicolas – TLR 22SCT
392 – Renard Jean-François – TLR 22SCT
384 – Hautecoeur Philippe – SC10
375 – Michez Edouard-Benoît- SC10
374 – Vandeginste Cédric – SC10
370 – André Julian – SC10
4WD Top 6
398 – Robert Raphael – Hong Nor Nexx10 2.0
386 – Evens Nicolas – TLR SCTE
377 – Mathieu Thierry – TLR SCTE
372 – De Keersmaecker Philip – Durango DESC410
291 – Carpin Matthieu – Tekno 410SCT
267 – Jouret Fabian – SC10
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Thanks to our sponsors, Horizon, TLR, Proline, Avid, VRC Pro, TecRace, Hudy, LRP and MCM Racing for supporting us and providing the gifts that some us of took home today after the draw.

VRC adaptors and 3 months “All inclusive” subscriptions have been offered to Willem-Jan Keyaerts and Philippe Hautecoeur as best ranked drivers in 4WD and 2WD while Emmanuel Gilard won his thanks to his B main win in 4WD. A lot of fun ahead with online community, online multiplayer racing, international series and so on!

2 sets of Renegade black wheels (2725-03) for André Julian
1 Avid shock and turnbuckle tool (AV1040) for Lecomte Stéphane
1 set of Proline V3 SC Closed cell Foam inserts (6615-07) for De Brouwer Rudi
2 Avid SC10 shock standoff (AV1018-STD) for Hautecoeur Philippe
1 Hudy tools combo (112040, 111540 and 170079) for Michez Edouard-Benoît



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2WD – Final B – Heat 1
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2WD – Final B – Heat 3
2WD – Final A – Heat 1
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2WD – Final A – Heat 3
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4WD – Group 1 – Quali 1
4WD – Group 2 – Quali 1
4WD – Group 1 – Quali 2
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4WD – Final B – Heat 1
4WD – Final B – Heat 2
4WD – Final B – Heat 3
4WD – Final A – Heat 1
4WD – Final A – Heat 2
4WD – Final A – Heat 3
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