Sponsors 2013

I want to thank all our sponsors for being so supportive. As you’ll see below, we’ll offer over 60 different items or combo along the season, from the sticker sheet to the race car kit.

tlr-logo-300 horizon-logo-3002 TLR 22-SCT race kit
2 TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0 race kit
4 pair of Proline Blockade SC M4 Tires (1183-03)
4 set of Proline V3 SC Closed cell Foam inserts (6615-07)
4 sets of Renegade black wheels (2725-03)
2 pair of mounted Proline Blockade SC M3 Tires (1183-16)
2 pair of Proline Tazer SC M3 Tires (1185-02)
1 Proline Flo-Tek Chevy Silverado clear body (3365-00)
1 Proline sticket sheet (9915-33)
1 Proline Desert Rat clear body (3284-00)
vrc-logo-30018 USB adaptors
18 subscriptions
avid-logo-3002 Avid Triad slipper clutch (AV1020-MOD)
2 Avid SC10 clamping 12mm hex front (AV1001-FR)
2 Avid SC10 shock standoff (AV1018-STD)
2 Avid SC10 shock standoff (AV1018-SHORT)
2 Avid SC10 shock standoff (AV1018-STD-30)
1 Avid shock and turnbuckle tool (AV1040)
1 Avid SC10 12mm spring cups (AV1017)
1 Avid TLR22 vented motor plate (AV1015)
1 Avid SC10 12mm spring collar adapters (AV1014)
1 Hudy pit towel large (209073)
1 XRAY pit towel blue (397291-B)
1 Hudy pit mat (199910)
1 Hudy ultimate body scissors (188990)
1 Hudy cleaning brush large – medium (107841)
3 XRay T-shirt
1 Hudy hardware box combo (298011 and 298010)
1 XRay sticker sheet (397312)
tecrace-logo-3002 TecPower T8 power supply
4 TecPower TP350 charge
 Enghien track !

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